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It is a common question that what is Stem Cell Therapy? And what is the procedure done in this treatment? Right? Yes, so let’s go through this treatment and get some of the facts and figures about this therapy. In this therapy, the surgeons use Stem Cells to treat the patients and to prevent the disease. The most common method of this therapy is bone marrow transplant, but there are many types of treatments in use derived from umbilical cord blood. This therapy is still in the research stage, and scientists are continuously applying efforts to get new resources of Stem Cells neurodegenerative disease.




There are mainly two types of Stem Cell treatment – Autologous Stem Cell Transplant &Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplant. In Autologous Stem Cell Transplant treatment, the patient is his or her donor. Stem Cells are collected from him/her, and then they are processed to get them ready to be used, then they are frozen. Several days, weeks, or even years later, when patients undergo conditions to be treated, where almost all the Cancer cells are killed by chemotherapy, the patient is treated. The Stem Cells which were collected are infused back into the patients to replace healthy Stem Cells, which got destroyed earlier. Because patients have their Stem Cells, treatment goes well, and cell matches perfectly.

In Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplant treatment, the donor who gives or donates the Stem Cells is another person who has blood cells genetically to the patients. He/she can be a brother or sister. Patients having no siblings can be donated by other donors who registered on this excellent work. In this treatment, after the patient is conditioned to be treated, the Cells of donors are injected into the patients. The cells are collected and processed in the same way as above.

Preparation to do before treatment

Only surgeons can decide which will be the best suited to the need of patients. It depends on their siblings. If patients don’t have siblings, they can get Cells from donors.

According to the conditions and the health of the patients they first identify the donors, he/she may be himself/herself or the siblings or other people who are registered to do this types of good works. Initial check-up are required on cells and matching DNAs.

After treatment – What to expect, recovery and results

The entire Stem Cells procedure can be completed within three to four hours. Patients won’t need anyone to help them in walking if he/she has been treated with Stem Cell Therapy.

Recovery- If patients are under their control, they can go back to their daily activities and can start their work in a couple of days, or they can start their wok by the next day if they feel comfortable doing that.

Results- recovery and results will depend on the type of cell and patients’ health. But in most of the cases, patients are recovered in two days


Best clinic in India (Hyderabad)

Stem cell therapy at Contours in Hyderabad opens several clinical remedy avenues. Depending at the form of stemcell, there’s an abundance of disorders for which stem cell therapy can be considered. The ever-evolving studies on stem cells also build a robust future for the untapped healing potential of stem cellular remedy. In recent years it’s been determined that in incurable illnesses and accidents, wherein clinical technological know-how reveals a dead end, stem cell remedy leaps in. At Contours, in Hyderabad, we specialise in treating incurable neurological problems.

Cost in India

This is a bone marrow transplant procedure, so no one can say that this is cheaper therapy, yes, it’s costly and expensive medical treatment. In normal conditions, the minimum cost of Stem Cell Therapy starts from 3,50,000 INR and ends up with the use of advanced technology and the experiences which our great scientists and surgeons do have. It costs 3,50,000 INR to 5,60,000 INR per single Stem Cell treatment, and in some cases where special cares are taken, the cost can be even higher, ranging from 15,00,000 INR to 20,00,000 INR.



It starts with a minimum of 3,50,000 Indian rupees and ends up with customers’ requirements. According to situations, the cost of treatment can be up to 20,00,000 Indian rupees.

Yes, but it depends on the type of treatment. There are two main types of procedures.

No single surgery or treatment can be guaranteed that will make you scared or not? It depends on the patients.

Patients don’t need to worry about it, because there are lots of people engaged in this work and legally registered to donate their cells.

In normal conditions, the procedure takes a few hours to get completed (4-6 hours)

You will see immediate differences and positive results post transplant.

No, you should take rest at least one business day, and you will be ready to continue your daily activities.

It takes a few days, few weeks, few months, or even a few months. Depending upon the present status of the health of the patients.

Very simple, choose the right surgeons, follow the instructions, proper procedure, find a donor, and take care of the process.

Of course, because you need to follow their instructions if you don’t want to fail the surgery. So follow all the guidelines and instructions to perfection.

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