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Things to keep in mind before deciding on a Plastic Surgery

Things to keep in mind before deciding on a Plastic Surgery

Things to keep in mind before deciding on a Plastic Surgery

Taking a plastic surgery is a big decision and it might feel scary & worrying. Therefore it is important to make sure that you are very clear in your mind before proceeding. While the consulting doctor would address all your concerns, there are questions that you need to ask yourself first before deciding on a Plastic Surgery.

Is your body healthy enough?
Even if its plastic surgery it’s important to that you are confident health wise. Disclosing your entire medical history to the doctor is critical for better result & faster recovery. It’s a remote possibility but if you don’t, then it excuses the doctor from responsibility (if any sort of complications occurs later) and you will be suffering the consequences physically & mentally.

Do you have basic idea about the procedure?
It’s not that you have to know what type of scissors or forceps your Doctor is using but you should at least know what your procedure is about and what result would it entail. Is it the correct procedure for the body part? Would it give the result I am expecting? Clear these doubts & get the complete information before deciding on going forward with the procedure

Know about the risks involved
While there are no particular risks involved with Plastic Surgery but you need to have the info about the complications that come with certain procedures. For example infection is one and scars

Though most of them recover in time but keep it in mind prior to choosing your procedure so that you don’t have to complain about it later.

What will it cost & can I afford it?
Even though Plastic Surgery Centres like Contours are affordable enough, it’s important to check the cost and accordingly plan your budget. Ask yourself whether you can afford a plastic surgery at this stage of life. Before committing yourself to a plastic/cosmetic surgery you have to be 100% confident on every front.

Will I be able to take appropriate time off to recover?
According to the procedure, the recovery time may vary but the thing is you Need Time. Not just to recover from initial aches & bruises but to adjust to restrictions given to you by your Plastic Surgeon. Don’t expect to just get out to work after a plastic surgery. So plan your surgery considering the recovery time as well. With corona virus and the ensuing lockdowns we all have adjusted to a flexible work from home balance, this might be just the perfect time for you to rethink the decision for a plastic surgery keeping in mind all the questions mentioned above.

Why Contours?

At Contours we understand your fears & apprehension regarding a Plastic Surgery that’s why we provide cost effective, patient –customized procedure in a comfortable environment. If you are choosing Contours, then there is no scope for worries. Our doctors will clear all your queries and ensure you get the best treatment possible.

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