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Top 5 Things You Should Know about Breast Enlargement & Implant Surgery

Top 5 Things You Should Know about Breast Enlargement & Implant Surgery
Breast suregry in Hyderabad

Top 5 Things You Should Know about Breast Enlargement & Implant Surgery

With the rise of Social Media (instagram specifically) & the internet revolution more and more women, girls are interested in looking more feminine or womanly. Breast Enlargement sure is source of confidence & great way to enhance body aesthetics however going into any Plastic surgery without much thinking is a mistake. There are things that every woman should keep in mind or should be aware of before going for Breast Enhancement & Implant Surgery. So Let’s get straight into it.

1.Always know the options

Breast Enhancement & Implant Surgery increases the size, shape or the fullness of the breast. The procedure uses implants which come in two variants silicone & saline. Silicone has gel inside while saline has saline water inside. Saline variant is less risky if it leaks & silicone gel looks good but requires more care & check ups

So Consult your doctor about the implant that would be used, the texture, everything & then give the go ahead

2.You can breast feed too but…

If the incision is apart from the nipples then it would pose no problem for breast feeding. An implant incision closer to the nipple is very rare however you have to be prepared & aware of this fact if you are having a baby after the surgery.

3.Requires Periodical Medical Examination

Breast Implants increases confidence & body figure but in the end they too are foreign objects inside our body. Therefore they need to be examined periodically to detect ruptures & leaks. Periodic examination has other benefits too, it will also help to maintain your breast healthy by detecting abnormalities if any.

4.Transformation & recovery will take time

Be prepared for some awkwardness & weirdness initially. The implant will take about 4-6 weeks to settle naturally. There would be swelling, bruising & you might need painkillers as well. And you need to obviously provide special care for the breasts & do specific exercises. Things would take time to settle.

5.Don’t fall for cheap surgery Costs

Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Centres are popping up everywhere in India. Breast enlargement surgery is quite popular in Hyderabad & elsewhere in the country ( Thanks to Bollywood, Tollywood & Social Media). You need to be aware & choose your hospital carefully. In the case of Breast enlargement and Implant Surgery the quality of the implant/silicone is extremely important otherwise it might lead to serious Breast Illness that may affect your Breast feeding

Go where you trust

At Contours, Hyderabad we take utmost care about everything and with us there is no cause of worries. Our Breast Enlargement & Implant surgery procedure is 100% safe & patient customized so that you can be your best version everyday . Just like you, we believe in excellence & brilliance and that’s why we are No.1 Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Centre in India (Times Health Survey 2019-2020)

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