tattoo Removal in Hyderabad

If you want to remove a tattoo from your skin, you might be in the tattoo-regret phase or you might just want to fade your tattoo for a making place for a new one!

Cost of Tattoo removal in Hyderabad can vary with the method used for tattoo removal and the doctor’s expertise. So, you may find a wide range of pricing options that might probably leave you wondering how a 'simple tattoo removal' can have so many pricing options.

The fact is Tattoo removal is not so simple! Added to that if you go through conventional methods of Dermabrasion (The process of removing the outer layers of skin) or incision (Cutting the skin), you might be left with a ghost image of your tattoo or a scar on your skin.

tattoo Removal Hyderabad

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Nd:YAG Laser Tattoo Removal

Dr. Venkata Ramana, MS DNB M Ch - the chief Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Contours Plastic & aesthetic surgery centre, Hyderabad says “Nd:YAG laser is best suited for tattoos of certain colors.” Different ink colors might require different Laser wavelengths and hence a combination of lasers may be required to remove some coloured tattoos.

Contours Plastic & aesthetic surgery centre is equipped with the cutting edge Nd: YAG Laser system to perform procedures for tattoo Removal while minimising the pain, with local anaesthesia, if required.

tattoo Removal - How much time is needed?

Small tattoos can be removed in one session. Larger and multicoloured tattoos may need more sessions to get removed. There will not be any downtime after each session and it is a day care procedure. You can go back to work/home immediately after the laser tattoo removal session.

tattoo Removal - What to expect?

Setting the right expectation before taking any cosmetic procedure is the key to having a satisfactory result. You need to be aware of the fact that laser tattoo removal may need several days to give 100% results and patience and consistency is the key. You need to attend multiple sessions regularly, if needed, to get the best out of this cutting edge technology. You might experience some dissolouration of the skin on the tattoo area during the treatment but it will fade off eventually.