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Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplantation is also called Hair restoration procedure. It is a minimally invasive surgical procedure to restore lost hair on the scalp or bald scalp/ head.

Where do we obtain the hair roots to transplant on the bald scalp?

Obviously from your own scalp, on the back technically called Occipital region, is an area on the back of the scalp between the ears. It is also called donor area as the term itself explanatory as it donates hair for implanting on the front or crown area of head.

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First step : What are the other donor areas, May be I can use your beard hair to implant on the bald area. Others body, armpits, pubic areas, have hair but we don't use it because I doubt their growth rate and quality. If you ask me, does my scalp accept the hair from other individual's scalp? My answer is NO.

Hair follicle is a group of cells and body will not accept unless until there is an exact genetic compatibility between donor and receptor. So if you have an identical twin he can donate his hair grafts for transplanting on your bald head, but this situation is not likely because there is pretty probability that your twin brother is also bald.

What is the philosophy behind using hair from the back of the scalp in hair transplantation?
Baldness is commonly in the front, sides, top and crown region but very less on the back. Now you start observing middle and old age men head they invariably have hair on the back between ears. This hair is resistant to testosterone so it won't fall, so we harvest these roots and implant on the bald areas.

Steps Of The Procedure:
>>Donor Area Removal

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The whole Hair transplantation procedure is done under local anaesthesia, that means only scalp is anaesthetized, otherwise client is conscious and ambulatory. Pain sensation carrying nerves are blocked by injection at the operative site.
No pain and discomfort are present after injection. for more Information Please visit:Hair Transplant Clinic

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Follicular Unit Extraction

Follicular Unit Extraction means we harvest individual hair grafts with the help of a machine. I use a motorized hand piece with a sharp punch fixed tip machine to do this job. So no cut and stitches but multiple punch spots which will heal over a week without any obvious scar. A finely performed FUE procedure will not leave any scar on the scalp.
There are limitations of this procedure like very large graft number is difficult and more time consuming and individual surgeon's expertise.
We at contours perform both the procedures equally with equal efficiency: but which procedure has to be chose by based on many factors like:

Client preferences
Area of baldness
Number of sittings
Cost aspects
Quality of the grafts; means thickness, density etc
Back skin laxicity

Nowadays at Contours, Plastic Surgery Center in Hyderabad we combine both the methods and perform many hair transplants, thereby we can use the advantages of the both procedures and withhold the disadvantages of both the techniques.

Technique of implantation

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Till now we are discussing about the harvesting grafts now we will go the discussion on implantation of harvested grafts
I commonly observe during discussion with clients on hair transplantation they do give less importance to the implantation methods and procedure. Most important factors regarding implantation site are;
Density of the hair grown

Angulations of the follicles grown

Root exit points appearance

Hair line design

While implanting grafts the first priority is the Hair line drawing, we will do it depending on the head shape, your old pictures, existing hair line etc.
Hair line grafts making natural angulations, breaking the smooth line, adequate density are the key features.
I prefer making vertical, slits and snuggly fitting grafts individually imparts natural appearing hairline and scalp. Regarding density, it is decided by many factors, I prefer implanting 25-30 per sq centimeter area. Density could be increased in fairer skin complexion people and cases where small areas coverage is needed.
We at contours practice ZERO GRAFT CRUSH technique, in which we don't touch the vital part of the hair follicle during implantation. Which one can exactly visualize in the Implantation video.

What is immediate post care?
We advise you to spry normal saline on the implanted area to keep grafts moist and also to reduce the crust formation around the root and scalp interface. You can shampoo your scalp on 5thday comfortably. If client wish to come to our center we give a first scalp wash otherwise it's not essential to visit our center for scalp wash.
If one wish to travel away from the city, can travel out of the city on the same day. We recommend detailed post procedure care after finishing the transplantation.
We will give you the required oral medication in the form of tablets for a week and I advice hair vitamins and finesteride derivatives as long term medication for selected clients.

Are there any side effects of hair transplantation?
This is a very common question I hear from my clients, my answer is no
Immediate common problems are pain some swelling, itching and swelling around your eyes. They all subside by the end of a week.
Other problem related to hair growth and later side effects are.

Your hair may not grow according to your expectations; it may be because of the any of the following reasons;
Less number of grafts was implanted
Good number implanted but good percentage did not grow
Your donor area is not adequate
Your hair is very thin
You are not conveyed exactly what is your result going to be
You did understand about your results though your surgeon explained and informed every thing

May be you need another session of hair transplant

Your scar on the back is wide, visible and painful reasons for this is
Strip method is done
Your skin width removed is more
You have tight skin on the back
Poor expertise of the surgeon
Your skin quality by birth is bad: means you have a keloid tendency

Pain and numbness on the donor site is common
At the implanted site appearance growth of small cysts
Its common finding, these are keratn cysts, it is due to bury of the skin in to the implantation site, leading to cysts.
Minimal number appearing now and then is common but excess in number and frequent and longer trouble is not right. I consider it as a bad implantation technique.
You need to wash them regularly, apply antibiotic cream in the cyst site, sometimes you may need a de-roofing of the cyst

Does hair transplant cause some problems related to brain, and memory?
No and Never

Another problem is; obvious and evident root exit points
This problem is very important; this is the one which will decide the quality of your hair transplant implantation technique
It is due to making larger slits, bad angulations and wrong skin surface level of transplant. Rarely your skin behavior
Evident exit points could be an avoidable problem a good result is the one people should not recognize your hair line as the one which is made.
A quality hair transplant will not produce most of the above troubles.
Growth phase and implanted hair growth cycle
You will lose most of the implanted hair over 3-4 weeks; it's as like as plant losing its leaves after implanting from different soil.
Growth of implanted hair starts after 3 months, and grows slowly till 9 month. After good hair transplant more than 90 percent o f the roots will grow by the end of 10 months.

Beard hair transplantation:
We perform beard hair transplantation; it means we harvest beard grafts to transplant on the scalp, bald area. It is mainly for those individuals who do not have hair available even on the back of the scalp to extract and implant on the bald area
It can also be mixed with scalp hair and use.
Bear grafts grow well; they are thick and mostly exist as single follicles.
Harvesting beard grafts may produce temporary scars on the face but get mixed well over time.
In person with thick and dense beard we will be able to harvest 2000 grafts in 2-3 sessions.

Hair transplantation of the areas other than scalp

UPPER LIP (Moustache)
Commonly scalp hair is transplanted to eyebrows, upper lip (moustache), beard area, and scalp scars.

Hair transplant is usually considered in these areas to compensate native hair loss due to trauma scars, operative scars, burn scars

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Essential requirement for the transplanted hair growth in these areas is the scar must be soft, supple and well settled for at least 6 months.

Hair grafts may not be accepted that well due to poor vascularity of these scars but still considering follicular transplant is one of the methods to cover these scars Adequate density and natural orientation of the follicles are essential while transplanting these regions, Results galleries hair transplantation.

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